Videos in digital libraries: What’s in it for libraries, publishers and scientists?

Half day workshop: 1:30 PM – 6:00 PM, Thursday, September 8th, 2016

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The aim of the workshop is to encourage debate between scientists, publishers and libraries on the use of videos as a method of scientific communication, and their potential. The workshop encourages participants to reflect critically on scientists’ incentives to produce video material and to discuss the process related to the production, dissemination, sharing and use of scientific videos. It also offers science communicators, publishers, librarians and researchers the opportunity to share their previous experience with scientific videos in their particular research field, and to identify examples of best practice.

Target group

The workshop is aimed at publishers, librarians, researchers and scholars, science communicators, co-workers from scientific communication departments and marketing departments,  anyone who is interested in the topic and in further discussion.


Scientists communicate mainly through textual materials, today more and more often accompanied by supplements. One type of supplements is video abstracts, typically a 3-5 minutes long video that helps the reader to get a quick overview of a scholarly paper, research article, thesis or review. Video is a strong medium for enhancing the understanding of a scientific topic beyond the group of peers who in most cases will be content in reading the textual abstract. However, videos are still not considered part of the scholarly record, so many scientists are so far not motivated to make the effort. On the other side, publishers and libraries are supposed to deal with all types of scientific output. Hence, videos need to be made discoverable and accessible through databases and plattforms, citable, reusable and interlinked with other scientific content.


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  • Margret Plank, Head of competence center for non-textual materials, German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB)
  • Anna Bohn, Head of the Film Library at the Central and Regional Library in Berlin (ZLB)
  • Jens Vigen, Head of Scientific Information Service, CERN